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Welcome To Chrissiesmeer, the Lake District of South Africa

The small hamlet of Chrissiesmeer is the centre of South Africa's largest lake district with some 270 lakes and pans located within 20 km radious of the village.  Come and experience our hospitality, our beautiful guest houses and guest farm and wedding venue with a vintage countryside atmosphere.  Chrissiesmeer is the ideal stopover from and to KwaZulu-Natal, the Kruger National Park and Swaziland,

Chrissiesmeer is best known for its incredible Bird Watching and the Chrissie Pans supports 287 species of birds.  In the late summer thousands of lesser Flamingoes stop over here, one year we counted 18 000 Flamingo chics on Blinkpan.  the first waders arrive in September, so the best time of year for wetland birding is between September and March.  Cranes can be seen all year round.  Bouth Blue Crane and Grey Crowned Crane breed in the Chrissiesmeer area, but you may be lucky and also spot the Wattled Crane.  Read more about Bird Watching at Chrissiesmeer, or download a Bird List.

Our annual Frog Night will always be the first weekend in December and is a popular event.  It is attended by wonderul, colourful groups of people who take on the wet, soggy wetland area at night with torches and gumboots and buckets to enjoy this experience.  

Read more about the different Frog species that can be found here.

The Chrissiesmeeer area has a rich floral diversity.  Int he summer months from August to February, the Chrissiesmeer area produce a splendour of field flowers.  We boast with 12 wild orchids.  Peopl form all walks of life enjoy outings in the veld hosted by enthusiasts.  the annual Wild Flower Day will always be the 3rd weekend in January.  

Read more about Wild Flower Walks in Chrissiesmeer.

Our village is renowned for its Sandstone buildings and you will find beautiful restored buildings like the "Ou Sending Pastorie"; the Old Jail, now Jal Bird Self Catering; the Old Methodist Church; the Old Barclays Bank; Chrissiesmeer Trading Store, now the McCloud's Factory; the Old Mill, now the McCloud's Shop; the Reformed Church; the old NG Church; the new NG Church; the St. George's Anglican Church and the Post Office.  

Read more about the Historical Buildings of Chrissiesmeer.

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